Excitement, Reflection, then Gratitude

Before tonight's record setting night, Drew Brees was asked what it would be like for him on the field if/when he breaks the all-time passing record.  His response was the just that... "I think first excitement, then reflection, then gratitude."  And tonight he did it, seemingly simply in the first half.  First the arms to the sky in joy as it was not only a record breaker, but also a 60+ yard TD.   His whole team joined him in the excitement in hugs and some type of hopping, barking scrum.  Off came the helmet as he looked around the stadium and you saw the second two emotions pass through in rapid succession, finally pointing to the crowd to make sure they knew he was sharing it with them.  Then on the sideline in the arms of his adoring family he looked at his boys and reminded them, "you can achieve anything you're willing to work for!"  In the middle of his career moment, he knew it was another teaching moment for Dad.

So the question for us is similarly, "How do we turn those winning moments for our players, into opportunities to teach them a bit of Drew's wisdom?"  As it is life wisdom that every time we succeed, it is right and natural to enjoy the thrill and excitement of that moment.  But then give yourself the time to recognize and reflect on how that moment was achieved, and all those that contributed to that singular moment.  And finally feel and express that gratitude to all those that truly own success with you.

What I always have tried to do in a soccer game was to track it back.  "Great goal Johnny!"... then track back... "That was an awesome assist Lisa!!"... keep going all the way... "Tanya!  That wouldn't have happened without that quick clear you made!  Way to push the ball up the wing!"  Make sure your team sees you seeing the whole progression.  Make sure they see their part in their one teammate's success.  It is what will help them ALL celebrate the moment.  They will follow your lead.  Over a single season you will start to see them doing the very same thing.  There's nothing like seeing your goal scorer start pointing around the field at their teammates.  The drive and motivation you will start to see in the whole team is game changing.  And I'm not talking about just the game on the field.

Track it back!


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