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It's the Thing before the Thing

I haven't written in a very long time, but the state of our world, of our US has made me a bit pensive and I saw a comment made in a news story about the impact of stress on our country and our life expectancy.  The comment was that our death rates are counted by the directly impacting event.  (eg. Drugs, suicide, blood pressure, heart attack, stroke). But what was the cause of the cause?  That is the most important information and it's harder to determine and generally not tracked. This struck me because one of the things that I used to talk to parents about when I was coaching softball pitching.  It's true for pitching, for hitting, or for almost any skill that is made up of a system of motions to achieve a singular result.  The way my daughter, Emma, and I talked about it, was it's the Thing, before the Thing.  In hitting, if your batter is lunging forward, our tendency is to tell them to not lunge or even to give them the direct correction to lunging.  If a pitcher